CHANGE tables FOR CHANGE rooms

You know what’s ridiculous, changing a baby in the cold in the back of a car at a family oriented sporting club.  How is this happening? Its 2018 for goodness sake. At the very least there should be a place to pop a baby down and change them when the family gathers for a sausage to watch their family and friends play on the weekends.

Some of our favourite family times are spent at the club, kids playing on the grounds while the spectator’s chat, cheer and cosy up with hot coffees and sausages in bread.

Then suddenly the baby cries and needs to be changed. Off we trot to peel off the cosy layers and reveal their bottom to the freezing winter’s air in the back of the car!

Admittedly I'm new to this scene, but this seemed absurd.

We donated a change table the following week to our club and it’s been a huge hit.

We spend longer there now and I love not changing baby’s bottom in the cold and rain, or trying to balance her on my lap in the ladies room.

This is so much more civilised and it was so simple. Everybody wins!

If you can donate a change table to your club, please do.

Put it in the men’s room, the ladies room, the change room. Just get your butts out of the cold this winter!


Post a pic with your new change table with the name of your club, and #changetablesforchangerooms, #changeforchange

If you don’t belong to a club but would like to donate a change table,

please contact 0410 943 873 and we will arrange to donate on your behalf.