Emotional Clearing and Conscious Birth

Emotional Clearing and Conscious Birth

A Healthy Life?

There are so many facets to a good healthy life. Food, exercise, an active mind to name but a few. I have found in the past that its easy to be consumed by one of these individual areas; to be a gym addict, or totally strict on food and whats in it and how its cooked and which oil to use and so on and so on. I remind myself often that although I regard these individual aspects as important (see Healthy Home) that underlying or in fact overriding our physical health is our conscious and more so unconscious emotional and mental state of mind. I recall being shocked as a child when our fit, healthy, young neighbor was struck down with cancer and unrecognizable and then dead within weeks.  She was the picture of strength and health and then she was gone and I was totally confused. I started a journey of discovery at a very young age and began reading and questioning and seeking.  By 16 I was convinced that our emotions governed our physical bodies. I would watch and observe whenever I or anyone got sick and try to understand what was underneath it. At 18 I found Louise Hay and never looked back. Today there are many resources I use, my favorite in this field being Ina Segal, but I’m sure that as in the past, my awareness will develop and so the teacher in my life will change. The foundation is solid. Regardless of what we do physically to maintain good health, unless we address the emotions our demons will catch up with us.

Everytime I get neurotic about what Im eating, or what Im not eating, or what someone else is serving me or about how much exercise Im not doing, I remember that it is important only in the scheme of the rest of my life. Its all relative. Every day I hear differing reports on whats good, whats bad, which oil to heat, which oil to eat, when to eat fruit, when to pick and plant vegetables. There are subtle layers and intricacies. What is healthier? Eating an organic apple, alone, angry, bitter, full of emotional turmoil. Or, eating a ‘supermarket’ apple with a friend, laughing and enjoying yourself? Its a simple question and whilst I am an organics advocate, I think you see point. My mum used to invite us over for an impromtu dinner, serve us leftovers and bits and pieces and it was divine! It tasted full of love, we had fun, we would laugh, connect, and the food tasted amazing. Ive also eaten gourmet dinners, recipe perfect, and tasted nothing; no love, no joy, no ‘flavour’. Is there love in it? Thats what matters! Is there love in your life? Is there love in the healthy food you eat? Or is it simply a calculated purchase.  I digress.

My point is that if we walk around with baggage, with resentment, with hate and anger, without working on ourselves or who we are or what we have been and who we want to become, then it wont matter what you put in your mouth.

Breathwork … and other such techniques

When we act or think or re-act, we believe we are acting consciously. We are over 90% subconscious in our actions. Our patterns and loves and hates all reside in that 90%. Our experiences are shaped by beliefs and ‘rules’ we have set for ourselves from birth or in-utero. we can only truly change the effect these rules have on our conscious lives by ‘undoing the pattern’ where it started. We need to re-experience the original emotion, the feelings associated with a thought/belief/action before we can integrate it and be free from it repeating in our lives. These personal truths (or rather, lies) determine everything in our lives. Always feel unappreciated? Always get left hanging? Never have enough money? Never feel close to people? Relationships always end the same way regardless of what you say, do, try, promise? Its because the conscious you doing all the trying has little to no effect on the massive subconscious who is running the show using all the patterns and beliefs and rules you set for yourself long before you can probably remember.

There are many techniques designed to go in and change these patterns. Breathwork, The Lifeline Technique, NLP, a good old fashioned breakdown. The key is to re-experience the moment, the feeling, authentically and release it. Change can happen in an instant. I have experienced all these techniques and for me the most effective has been breathwork. Nothing in my life has been so profoundly effective as this. I hope to raise my daughter to believe that working on herself is of utmost importance, that it is the gift of this life, that we are able to develop and nurture our souls on their journey. That while we cant always control what happens to us we can always control how we respond. I will urge her to seek teachers, to be vulnerable and open, to treat herself with the respect she deserves and to always answer her souls calling to be healed and to grow. As one of my amazing teachers always says, “everything is healable”.