Advice My Love

Advice My Love

3 O’Clock in the morning. You are crying your eyes out, your gums are hurting and there is nothing I can do. I hold you in my arms and rock you – quite forcefully as this is what soothes you. Sue told me this and showed me one night and I couldn’t believe it, it worked so quickly. Thank goodness she was there to help. I wonder if my mum would’ve known that? Would she have a treasure chest full of tips? I miss her so much and I wish every day, but especially now in the dark tired and lost, that she were here. What if Im not here for you one day? Will you too lie awake at night wondering what I wouldve said? How I wouldve helped? I pray to be with you always – to be here to help you through the hard times and to hold you in my arms when you are older and need me. But just in case…


Its sometimes hard my darling to know exactly what to do,

I often wished I had my mum, your nanna, to talk to.

Id ask her all the things she knew to do the best I could,

To cope when days are hard, when I lose sight of all the good.

I held you in my arms last night and thought about your child

and even though you are just one, I thought of her and smiled.

I imagined you calling me on the phone, pulling out your hair,

Needing me to save you from a sleepless night’s despair

Ironically I thought of this while rocking you back to sleep

Your little mouth and aching gums, causing you to weep

My heart then sank as the darkness in the room filled my heart

I wish I had my mum with me, her wisdom to impart

So my darling girl, just in case, as one never knows,

I compiled a list to share with you, as I gently held your toes

Advice and insights I have gained from our journey this past year

In case one day I’m not around to whisper them gently in your ear

Bring your baby into the world, as peacefully as can be

Do this wherever you feel the safest – this, my love, is key

Trust your self and your body to know what you need to do

Loving women to surround you, not many, just a few

Hold your baby close to you, everything else can wait

Feel the bond and connection that spans all time and space

Gaze in wonder and drown in love for as long as your hearts desire

Skin to skin, soft noise, dim light and hearts ablaze with fire

Wrap and wear your precious one close to your heart always

Your baby secure and safe, and into her eyes you will gaze

Sleep together naturally, warm, and nestled curled in tight

Feed and rest and doze together, your spirit will alight

When your love is hungry, or sleepy, or awake

Throw all the clocks away, its just their cues that you should take

Tired and worn and empty, you may feel like shattered glass

But my love, recite and remember, this time, it too, shall pass


When your baby cries my darling, respond with love, stay near

It’s the only way she can tell you; “mum I really need you here”.

Fear and rules and strict regimes may suit the lives of some

but just a few years of all you can give will fill your little one.

A simple tip for quieting and soothing your screaming babe,

She isn’t being naughty or trying to misbehave

Remind yourself of all the things she may be going through

Rock and sway and calm your mind, breathe my love and soothe

Ask for help my precious girl, ask and trust in God

Surround yourself as I have done with women who you love

Be gentle on yourself, be kind, rest and follow your heart

You will never fail in anyway if from your soul, you never part

Remember too that your precious love has chosen her own way

So do all you can but then let go with loving detachment everyday

Whisper words of wisdom, inspiration, love and peace

Into baby’s ear as she drifts gently off to sleep

I share this with you sweetheart not as a list of rules,

But guidance from my heart to yours, just some helpful tools

You will find your own way through the maze, just as I have done

But angel I am with you now and always, I’m your mum.