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About Me

Tiffany is a mother with 23 years experience in sales, marketing, and executive training. As a workshop facilitator and blogger Tiffany has a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) with a double major in Psychology and anthropology, and has studied diplomas in counseling, breathwork and holistic wellness. With a passion for women's health within a cultural context she has studied one on one and group personal development for 22 years.

Masters/PhD Psychology (Health) Candidate | University of Adelaide

Westpac Future Leader Scholarship Recipient | Westpac Bicentennial Foundation

Bachelor of Psychology (Honors)| University of Adelaide

Representative Student Engagement Group |Australian Psychological Society

My beautiful daughter, Faith.

My beautiful daughter, Faith.

I am the biological mother of one beautiful girl, with one on the way. I am the non-biological mother to 5 amazing children, aged 6-24 and I love them all dearly. Whilst life is not ‘nuclear’ for me, it brings with it a complex and rich fabric of connections which I treasure. I have and will always work hard to build and nurture the extended relationships I have in my life through marriage and divorce and re-partnering. I feel blessed to have these people and together we form a community of support and love for each other, and more importantly for the children we raise. These are the people in my life, and thus they are my life.

Embarking on the next 40 years of my life I am committed to the empowerment of women. Through education and communication, I am driven to see change in the world, villages revived and women connected through honesty, truth, compassion and a sense of giving and generosity for themselves and for each other.

Despite the new look, my focus has been and remains on strengthening communities from as many angles as possible. From the individual through self empowerment and development and through finding what works and building upon strengths, to increasing community ties for women and families who find the transition to parenting difficult or challenging. Finally, through speaking, workshop facilitation and education I aim to share a way of viewing the world which cultivates compassion and tolerance.

Currently studying a combined PhD/Masters in Psychology (Health) at the University of Adelaide, I was honoured to receive a Future Leaders Scholarship through the Westpac Bicentennial Foundation in 2017. It is my long term goal to create the possibility for greater empowerment and connection in the world.


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