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About Tiffany

" focus has been and remains on strengthening communities from as many angles as possible. From the individual through self empowerment and development and through finding what works and building upon strengths, to increasing community ties for women and families who find the transition to parenting difficult or challenging...I believe in the concept of the village and finding ways to emulate that in today's culture..." 

“Tiffany is a resilient, empathic leader who shows genuine care for people. Curious about others, she is a skilled networker and a master connector to help others. Tiffany has high interpersonal sensitivity and intuitively knows how to read people and understand their viewpoint. Tiff is driven to create positive social change and I have no doubt that she is and will continue to make a significant impact in empowering women and families.”
— Amy Lyden, Scholarship Program Director, Westpac Bicentennial Foundation



In line with her passion of empowering others, Tiffany runs a number of workshops aimed at educating, inspiring and empowering others. Click on any of the workshops below to find out more or contact Tiffany to see if you can arrange a workshop for your team or workplace.


Release birth fears, embrace your body, define values for motherhood and connect with other women.

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BEcoming Women Workshop

Empowerment through an exploration of Mind, Boy, Spirit and Emotion.

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Get the Answers and save thousands of dollars. Deepen the bond with your bundle of joy and increase loving communication.

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Understand the role of culture in psychology by critically evaluating assumptions and developing reflexivity in thinking.

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I have seen Tiffany present to groups of corporate executives, academics, university staff, and students (both university and high school) on many occasions. Tiffany consistently presents with a contagious energy and leaves a lasting impact on audiences with her powerful and inspiring message...
— Daniel Conley (Industry Researcher & PhD Candidate, Westpac Future Leaders Scholar, President of Adelaide Sustainability Association)


"I am committed to the empowerment of women,  of families and of each of us who push the boundaries of acceptable."